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Vintage-y Goodness

Yesterday was a perfect day. Little G was more alert than she's ever been, and, more than that, was just about a model baby in terms of a three hour routine. We not only managed to get out of the house in the morning and visit a friend for an hour or two, we also popped into Tesco's, sorted through all the newborn clothes G's already outgrown (unbelievable!), did sixteen million loads of laundry, and watched an episode or two of Suits. Last night, I lulled myself to sleep with visions of all the fun we'd be having - and all the sewing I might return to - now that my sweet baby has settled into a routine. I should've known better, right?! This morning, the poor mite was definitely out of sorts, wanting to feed almost constantly and certainly not happy to go down for a nap. All plans for getting out of the house were quickly abandoned, the laundry was left up on the line, dust accumulated unchecked, and breakfast went uneaten. We spent the better part of the day glue…

4 Weeks Old!

Well, it's hard to believe, but my little Gracie is 4 weeks old today! She remains perfect, of course, and I'm really beginning to experience the wonders of motherhood, as you can see... 

I'm the cow, not the smiling, happy lady, just in case you were confused. Moo. (Reading this over, I realise it sounds like I'm not smiling and happy, which couldn't be further from the truth! I also just happen to feel very much like a dairy cow!)

xx Tina

Hello, world!

Well, we've made it to the other side! Our little bundle of joy was born on 27 December, weighing just over 3 kg and measuring a pretty astonishing 52 cm. (She takes after her dad in the height category!) Naturally, we think our little Gracie is the most perfect, beautiful baby in the world! 
We're settling in at home now and getting to know each other, so things will be slow on the patchworking/baking front for the next little while, though we did manage to pop in very briefly on Saturday afternoon to see the lovely Bee Blessed ladies. And, we got home from church yesterday morning to find the most amazing package of goodies for both mum and tot from the ever-generous Sarah. There was a fantastic Russian doll wall hanging, two amazing little taggy squares, two lovely, bright FQs for my stash, and lots of lovely lotions and potions for some special mummy pampering time! You can see the wall hanging and taggies on Sarah's blog. Thanks again, Sarah!!
I'll undoubtedly be ke…