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I don't do deadlines

With patchwork and quilting that is. However unambitious I may think the projects I undertake are, life (and laziness!) has a way of intervening, with disastrous consequences for my timeliness. Baby quilts, in my world, are generally given 6-12 months after birth. Quilt in a day? Not likely! Try a year and a half.  'Still working on that?' - the general refrain from non-quilting friends and fellow patchworkers alike. Not that this bothers me. Do I wish I was a little better at getting things finished more quickly? Of course, but this is my hobby, a passion I pursue in my spare time; life and work are too stressful to put pressure on myself for this, too. That said, there are some measures I take to limit disappointment. Not engaging in any holiday-related crafting is the first and most important of these. Exactly what I was thinking, therefore, when I picked up one of Judith's Christmas stocking patterns and several Christmas-themed fat quarters, I'm not exactly sure. …

Catching up

Hello, hello! Remember me? I seem to be perfecting my disappearing act these days, but I'm back again with a little update on that baby quilt I mentioned in my last post (all those months ago). I'm really thrilled with the way it came out! In fact, of all the quilts I've made, this one may just be my favourite. I just love how bright and scrappy the blocks are!

I quilted simple diagonal lines - my fallback quilting style - and finished with a colourful scrappy binding, which seemed the natural choice for a quilt like this. For the back, I used the completely scrumptious Pink Bake Cherry by Riley Blake. Swoon. I didn't get a photo of it before giving the quilt away, but I did manage gleefully to deposit in my stash a few small leftover pieces for future projects. 

I'm hoping the beautiful baby girl this was given to will enjoy exploring each and every one of the blocks. There are a few different textures here, with one or two linen and silk scraps thrown in, and sever…