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I baked!

These days it often feels like a minor victory if I manage to eat lunch before it's time for dinner, let alone do anything 'extra', like bake or patchwork. Last week, however, I carved out a bit of time to make cookies for a gathering of friends, and, oh, was I happy I did!

These were good... very, very good! A basic, buttery biscuit dough chock full of white chocolate chips, dried cranberries, and chopped pistachios. They disappeared within minutes to appreciative oohs and ahs. An obvious hit! And, the best part was, they fit perfectly around the various demands of a four and a half month old baby. In fact, I mixed up the dough while Baby G played happily in her Bumbo seat; rolled the dough into a cylinder and refrigerated it for a few hours when it became clear that Baby G was done with baking for the day; and finished everything off in the evening once I got the kiddo to sleep. Perfect!

Although the original recipe on which these biscuits were based (the same one I use fo…