Fimo and Fabric Craft

Last Friday, I started the fantastic Christmas Projects class offered by Judith. We're going to be making a variety of buttons, brooches, and fun fabric crafts over the course of 4 weeks, and I'm already having a blast! We started off kneading, molding, and rolling out Fimo to create little flowers, hearts, and Christmas trees, among other things. It was like being a kid again, messing around with play dough, as you can see from the photo Judith posted! The difference with Fimo though is that, once baked, it hardens, meaning these little shapes can then be used as buttons, pendants, and card decorations. Here's a selection of mine...
Clockwise from left: A Christmas tree complete with garland; two tiny snowmen; a Christmas marshmallow (what do you mean you've never heard of that?!); a handful of teensy little hearts.
I'm hoping to use these to make little barrettes and necklaces for my nieces this Christmas. They love jewelry and hair accessories, so I think these would go down a treat!

We also got to make good use of the shreds of fabric and thread left over after a big quilting project. You know the ones - they're usually too small and scrappy to save for another sewing project, but you hate to throw them away anyway! Turns out they're perfect for making multi-coloured 'sheets' of funky, textured fabric collages that can be cut into various shapes to create fantastic and unique key chains, ornaments, and the like. The best part? The process is incredibly easy and fun! Using a layer of calico, handfuls of scraps, and a sheet of water soluble paper, you make a miniature quilt sandwich and then sew like mad all over everything. Once all the scraps are held in place, you dunk the entire thing in water to dissolve the water soluble paper. Et voilĂ !

This should do for a few other Christmas presents anyway, and the brooches and pins we're working on over the next couple of weeks should do for the rest. Phew! Now, I just need baby to cooperate and let me finish everything! 

xx Tina


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Pity we English girls can't join you. Di x

  2. Why should kids have all the fun! Love your fimo makes and looking forward to seeing how you transfer your fabric craft! Jxo

  3. These are great and fun techniques. I took a worksho with J on these a couple of years ago - you still have loads of fun to come.


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