I've got a friend

And his name is Herman. He's German, and he's making my house smell like a doughnut shop. Never a bad thing in my mind, but still, kind of odd. Unless, of course, you're a sweet sourdough starter like Herman, who's pictured here in all his bubbly glory.

This starter is used as the base for 'Herman the German Friendship Cake', a lovely, dense apple cake, which sounds really delicious but which takes ten days to make! Actually, you have to stir or 'feed' Herman for nine days in order to to keep the sourdough culture alive, and then, on the tenth day, you can bake. Delayed gratification and all that. The best part though? When you do finally bake, you reserve enough of the sourdough culture to spread the love to three of your friends, who then get to do the same. Hence the name, I guess! 

I've always been fascinated by the idea of sourdough, so I can't wait to see what this is like! Any (local) bloggers want to meet my friend Herman, too?!


  1. Looks full of promise. Di x

  2. I did a German the Herman blog post about two years ago. The cake is good indeed. And the starter is still making the rounds in the village. I am amazed by that.

  3. I've never had a sourdough cake before so that would be a first for me! A few of us are meeting up at Bloomfield Auctions (Beersbridge Rd) Tues 6pm if you wanna join us? Jxo


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