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Well, after much fussy cutting and hand stitching, this is what I came up with for the Modern Quilters' Scrappy Pin Cushion Swap...

Front on the left, back on the right
This project represented a couple of different firsts for me - my first pin cushion, and my first attempt at decorative hand stitching. I wish the latter was slightly more uniform, but overall I'm delighted with the end result! I had such fun with it, too, especially getting to play around with my Japanese charm squares and the too cute bicycle fabric I got this summer in Portsmouth. My swap partner really seemed to like it, too. Phew!

I LOVE the pin cushion I received in turn:


Aren't the colours amazing, and all the points so precise?! The back is oh-so-cute, too!

Don't you just love this little sewing room? And, as if that weren't enough, my partner also sent me a fabulous little extra - a teeny, tiny drawstring bag that'll be perfect for a special Christmas gift! (Am I going to get in trouble for saying that word?!)

Thanks, Tomomi! Looking forward to the next swap already!

xx Tina


  1. The pincushions are both fab. I spotted yours on flickr and fell in love with the bicycle fabric. Your handstitching is really great for your first go. It can be hard to keep all your stitches consistent and i can't see anything wrong with yours. You should see my bee quilt (Inconsistency tends to creep in when you stitch late at night.) Lovely swap! Hope you had loads of fun!

  2. Hi Tina! I am very happy to hear you like my pincushion :)

  3. I spotted both on flickr and thought they were gorgeous !


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