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February has been a bit grim around here, hence the longer than usual radio silence in these parts. I've had very little time for crafty pursuits, but I have managed to work steadily away on my first embroidery sampler, using that gorgeous thread I bought ever so many months ago. I found this little sampler on Pinterest (through Sarah, I think), and have been really enjoying learning each of the different stitches, though I haven't yet had the confidence to attack the French knots or bullion roses. (Those are the blank spots below!)

I've been using Aimee Ray's Doodle Stitching (another recommendation from Sarah, the embroidery queen!) to guide me through each of the stitches, and the instructions have been unfailingly simple and accessible. I can't seem to wrap my head around those for the pesky French knots, though, more from my own lack of imagination than anything else, I think, and there's nothing on bullion roses, so I think a trawl on Youtube might be necessary. Once I've got those stitches mastered, this cute sampler is destined for a wall hanging above my sewing machine. Inspiration!

Speaking of which, I've loads of ideas in mind for various projects - a baby quilt for friends pregnant with their first baby, a wall hanging for family members who've just bought a new house and need to transform it into a home, a vintage sheet quilt (for me!!), etc. Now that the days are getting so much longer - it was bright here until almost 6 tonight, which made me giddy with excitement and relief - I'm hoping to fit a bit more sewing in at night. Wish me luck!

One other un-related note: I'm falling out of love with Picmonkey recently, as everything beyond the most basic photo editing tools has become premium content. Has anyone had any luck with other, free photo-editing sites? 

xx Tina


  1. You are getting on brilliantly with your embroidery stitches. Wish you could have been at the workshop a few weeks ago when I dispelled the myth of pesky french knots. It's hard to type an explanation, but bring your needle up from the underside, take it back down to your fabric but wrap the thread around the point twice just before you pierce the topside pretty much right where you came up in the first place. Keep a good tension on the wrapped thread and keep it sitting just on top of the fabric (ie don't let it slide up the needle) then pull the needle back through to the underside and you should have one pretty french knot. The roses are like a mega wrapped version but taking a longer stitch rather than going down where you came up - they are a bit trickier to get tidy. Hope that made sense!

  2. Your stitches are brilliant! Keep going! I recently switched to Picassa! Jxo

  3. Just caught up with your blog after many months of silence.. I changed to bloglovin and didn't get you added Oooops! Anyway will do now. Hope you are enjoying life and seems you're managing to do some embroidery.I love that sample and would love to do it myself. I have it on pinterest but don't know how to download it.
    Keep up the good work. Saw Bruce a wee while back. Love Ruth xo

  4. Hi Tina, Love that pattern. Well done . Hope you are well.
    Love Ruth xo


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