Scrappy Log Cabins

Last Wednesday was the last sewing night for the summer, so I worked at a furious rate to get as much done as I possibly could. Having spent the last couple of Wednesday nights sorting, ironing, and cutting my scraps, I finally put a few log cabin blocks together. These are intended for a fun, little, gender-neutral baby quilt.

The centre blocks are 2.5 inches square, and the strips are 2 inches wide. I'm loosely following this tutorial, and, as you can see, am pretty much randomly choosing strips in the hope that it'll all come together in the end!

The one organisational concession I made with these three blocks was to ensure that each strip matched the next in at least one colour. So, in the block above, the first strip (on top of the centre square) brings out the red flowers in the centre square; the next strip picks up on that same bright red, but adds in a couple of different shades of green; the following strip is mainly lime green with thin red stripes; and the final strip in that section of the log cabin is mostly dark green. See what I mean? (Definitely not the most lucid explanation!) I was pretty happy with that idea until a friend pointed out that this can have the effect of elongating the centre square, as in the picture below.

I'll try some contrasting colours in the next few blocks and see what happens. I'm just going with the flow with this one (and trying not to worry when the blocks seem a bit crazy and disjointed here!) They'll all blend together eventually, right?!

xx Tina 


  1. I always think that with scrappy projects they don't come together until much longer in. I'm sure it'll come good for you.

  2. These will be fab altogether - have faith! Jxo

  3. That's a very interesting colour coordinating technique. Looking forward to the finished one :) By the way I love the birdhouse piece.


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