I don't do deadlines

With patchwork and quilting that is. However unambitious I may think the projects I undertake are, life (and laziness!) has a way of intervening, with disastrous consequences for my timeliness. Baby quilts, in my world, are generally given 6-12 months after birth. Quilt in a day? Not likely! Try a year and a half.  'Still working on that?' - the general refrain from non-quilting friends and fellow patchworkers alike. Not that this bothers me. Do I wish I was a little better at getting things finished more quickly? Of course, but this is my hobby, a passion I pursue in my spare time; life and work are too stressful to put pressure on myself for this, too. That said, there are some measures I take to limit disappointment. Not engaging in any holiday-related crafting is the first and most important of these. Exactly what I was thinking, therefore, when I picked up one of Judith's Christmas stocking patterns and several Christmas-themed fat quarters, I'm not exactly sure. Baby G needed one, so why not make one? I comforted myself with the thought that I could easily buy one at the last minute if need be.

But, to my utter amazement, there was no need. I finished it! A time-limited project. On time! No, before time, if you consider that I had it hung by the fireside several days before Christmas. Here's the front... 

And the back.... 

It has a lining of the same red polka dot fabric and was so straightforward to make, thanks to Judith's clear instructions. A little disappointingly (and ironically), Baby G didn't actually use it on Christmas morning because pillow cases were the norm amongst her cousins, with whom we spent the holiday, but there's always next year, right? 

Apologies for the poor quality pics... I'm having trouble with Blogger on my laptop at the moment and am having to use the Blogger app on my iPad for the first time. I'm not sold. Anyone else having problems with Blogger at the moment? 



  1. A pretty Christmas stocking is hard to beat. Don't fret baby G has many many more Christmases ahead when this will be so well used. Imagine when she is old enough to understand the excitement of leaving it out for Santa herself! It's an heirloom and you will be expected to fill it even when she's grown!! PS I am quite good at punctuation but this iPad keeps removing it! Commas especially.

  2. Now that's one super cute stocking!! When G understands the concept of what comes out of stockings each year she'll soon be VERY interested in it!! Jxo


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