Paper-Folding Exercises

When I was a kid growing up in New Hampshire, we had these standardised tests that were administered periodically throughout elementary and middle school. They were designed, I think, to rate school performance and to ensure minimum educational standards were being met. I don't remember them being particularly onerous and, in fact, actually enjoyed certain sections, like reading comprehension, but I always struggled with the section that included paper-folding exercises. Not origami, sadly, but cognitive jumping jacks in which you had to imagine folding a piece of paper with, say a black dot in the top left corner, in half twelve times. Why? In order to predict where that original black dot ended up, of course. Mind-boggling stuff, my ineptitude at which probably helps explain why I'm finding it so difficult to wrap my head around the layout of this scrappy chevron quilt. 

It may look straightforward enough, but there was something about laying the squares out on-point that just baffled me! Luckily, I've got all of the rows sewn together now and have managed to add on most of the Kona Snow triangles at the ends of the rows without too much bother. It's quite a small quilt at this stage, even for a baby quilt, so I think I may add a border or two, maybe one in that lime green?

In other news, here's a photo of my finished rainbow quilt

And that crazy cute bicycle print on the back.

xx Tina 


  1. Left side of the brain stuff I think!! Love how well you can see the circular quilting in your rainbow quilt! Jxo

  2. I have made shevron that way thinking easier than triangles. How wrong was I.... Great job!

  3. Wow - I LOVE your rainbow quilt Tina, that is gorgeous, how long did it take you?


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