Fabulous Fabric-y Fun this Saturday

Not quite what you had in mind?! Read on... 

Thursdays are prime-time thinking-ahead days for me. Already thoroughly sick of the workweek by about Tuesday, I yearn for Thursdays as a kind of sign that I can now legitimately begin planning my weekend festivities. In that vein, here’s a suggestion for this coming Saturday: the Quilting Exhibition & Open Day at Christian Fellowship Church (CFC), Belmont Road, Belfast. The brainchild of Judith of Just Jude, the Quilting Exhibition & Open Day is designed to showcase some of the wonderful work the students in Judith’s Rags to Bags sewing classes, which also take place in CFC, have been producing. It’s on from 10am to 3 pm, and entry is free, with complimentary tea and coffee on offer (always a bonus, especially if the weather is anything like it is today!) There’ll also be various stalls selling cakes, fabrics, and crafts as well as loads of information about Judith’s classes and local charity quilting groups, including Bee Blessed and Oasis Ladies Quilting Group, which will be the main benefactors of the day.

Quilters across Belfast, not to mention the blogosphere, have been preparing for this day for months, putting the final touches on their crafty showcase submissions, prinking and pressing metres and metres (50 altogether!!) of cheerful bunting to decorate the hall, and baking up a glorious storm of tasty treats for volunteers and festival-goers alike. It’s been a much-anticipated event, with lots of behind-the-scenes hard work and dedication on the part of its organizers and volunteers. Major congratulations to Judith on a job extremely well done; I think she’s definitely earned a bit of a holiday or a spa break or something else wonderfully indulgent!

If all this sounds like fun, stop by, marvel at all the wonderful craftsmanship on show, sign up for one of Judith’s classes to learn how to do it all yourself, enjoy a cup of tea and a homemade goodie, and support two really great causes all at the same time!

Sadly, I can’t be there myself, but I’ll be sending a plate of ooey, gooey chocolate brownies in my stead (keep an eye out for them – this recipe is honestly THE BEST BROWNIE RECIPE EVER!!), along with loads of warm wishes for a hugely successful event. I can’t wait to see the pictures!


  1. Great pic T! Thanks so much for the plug and lovely compliments. So wish you could be there with us. I wasn't able to reply to your comment on my blog cos you are showing as a 'no reply comment blogger'. You need to change your settings so that folks can reply directly to you via email. Have a look at this link to change your settings:



    1. Thanks, Judith! I think I've got this sorted now... all this stuff to learn! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know! So sorry to miss it :(

  3. Brownies are good but cannot make up for your presence with us! Hope your conf goes well!

    1. Awww, thanks, Sarah! Hope B got the brownies to you in good time and that all went fantastically well!!

  4. Sounds like we folk from further afield are missing out too! Di x

  5. Replies
    1. They taste even better than they sound... ;)


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