I've got sunshine...

The lovely Sarah over at Sew Me has kindly nominated me for a Sunshine Award, which means, as far as I can tell, that I answer a few fun questions and nominate a handful of other blogs as well, to spread the sunshine, so to speak. Thanks, Sarah! So, here goes....

Favourite colour - purple
Animal - dog (preferably the large cuddly kind)
Number - can't say I have one really. If I had to choose one, I'd probably go for 13, because it's my birthday!
Drink - Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Coffee (my mom sends me care packages of it; a little taste of home!)
Passion - writing, baking, patchworking
Giving or getting - giving (but I agree with Sarah - giving is getting, too!)
Favourite Day - my wedding day, 15 May 2010 (awww)
Favourite Flower - lilacs (state flower of my home state, New Hampshire)

Those are the weird and wonderful facts about me, and here are the bloggers I'd like to nominate for Sunshine Awards in turn:

Leanne @ She Can Quilt

Helen @ Archie the Wonder Dog
Susan @ Canadian Abroad
Shannon @ The Crafty Teen


  1. My fav colour is purple too!! So glad you got some sunshine today, and thank you for nominating the teen! Jxo

    1. No problem, Judith! Seems a fun way to get to know other bloggers!

  2. Love the sound of French Vanilla Coffee. And it seems all sort of great people love purple!

    1. It's seriously good, Sarah! I'm stocking up again while I'm at home in a couple of weeks!

  3. It's lovely to learn more about you! Thanks for nominating me!


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