Highlights of my week

I've been remiss in posting this week but only because it's been an action-packed one! Here are a few highlights...

Dad and I had some quality father-daughter time on Tuesday when we drove up to one of my favourite restaurants - Parker's Maple Barn - for pancakes. I was a bit over-ambitious and ordered a towering stack of three fluffy pancakes topped with Parker's own maple syrup. Delicious!  
Pancakes - nom, nom, nom!

My three different layers: chocolate chip, pumpkin, and blueberry
I managed to eat about three-quarters of my plate before admitting defeat and letting Dad finish them off for me. I left a very happy camper! Later that day, my mom and I visited one of the local farm stands to pick up some fresh produce and marvel at the gorgeous display of flowers. 

Beautiful, huh? While we were there, we noticed that you could pick your own blueberries and figured we'd come back early one morning to do that. At the rate I'm eating them, it was pretty much a necessity! I'm turning slightly blue, but I don't mind. :)

The fruits of our labour - literally!
Together, Mom and I managed to pick 7.9 pounds of blueberries in just about an hour! We got them home and froze most of them in single layers on baking sheets so they wouldn't get too banged up or stick together. Now, I'm dreaming of all the lovely things to make with them....

Also this week, I finished my Double Irish Chains quilt and picked up some gorgeous new fabric for another baby quilt. Pictures anon. 


  1. You seem to be having a whale of time. In the sunshine - lucky you. Hope the holiday continues to be so good.

  2. Sounds like you are having the best time with your folks. You have sun too (haha). Di x

  3. We will be calling you Violet Beauregarde when you get back! Such beautiful photos to taunt us with!


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