An Update on my Double Irish Chains

Well, the Double Irish Chains quilt is still a *long* way from finished, but all of the 'B' blocks are done, and the rows of alternating 'A' and 'B' blocks are coming together. Yippee! If I spend all weekend doing nothing but patchworking, I may just finish this thing in time for the wedding in a few weeks. (3 weeks and 1 day, to be exact, but who's counting?!) Wish me luck!
Block 'B'
All 17 'B's together, looking a little shaggy...

And the first couple of rows of the quilt top, with the chains clearly visible!


  1. Nothing like a deadline! The weather is awful so it is easier to sit in front of the machine! Sew like a mad woman and it will be finished! Di x

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Di! It's almost there now!

  2. Looks amazing so far Tina - sew, sew, sew!

  3. These are looking amazing already T! Jxo


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