Cake School - Week 5

This week, it seems, is destined to be one of general frustration for me when it comes to all things crafty! Last night, at cake school, our task was to create cute little cake-toppers for a traditional christening cake. It all seemed pretty straightforward.... cut out a few pieces of sugar paste, mould them together with a bit of royal icing to construct a teeny-tiny crib, artistically arrange a miniature baby and few delicate flower blossoms, et voila....

This is what they were supposed to look like!
Mine, sadly, had structural problems from the start. The first crib was terribly crooked and refused to hold together. The second seemed like it might work... that is, until baby and pillow were inserted and blanket draped over both. At that point, the foot end of the crib cracked and fell off, imperiling poor baby, who was, in any case, nearly smothered by my ham-fisted attempt at a blanket. *Sigh* I didn't have the time or energy to start again, so I took everything apart, stowed baby away for another day, and vowed to try again.... eventually. (I also, obviously, put out of my mind any connections to be made between my utter inability to care for this tiny sugar baby and my future potential as a mother!) 

I walked away from class with nothing to show for it and, what's worse, a pessimistic foreboding about the patchworking I had intended to do this weekend. Hopefully that feeling goes away when I sit down to my sewing machine tomorrow... if I can bring myself to it!

xx Tina

P.S. You may have noticed that I skipped straight from Week 3 of Cake School to Week 5. That's because I had to miss class last week due to work. Sadly, I think I might have to draw a line under it altogether, as I'm finding the combination of a new job, a long commute, and the necessity of splitting my time between two different cities four hours way from each other completely exhausting! And that's not even taking into account the whole seven months pregnant thing. Something's gotta give, and I think it might have to be this (and that's not just the pessimism about my hapless cribs talking!) We'll see, but I can always do this course again when there aren't quite so many pressures on my time.

P.P.S. Does anyone have any recommendations for good, affordable bump and baby photographers in the Belfast area? 


  1. How on earth have you been doing everything as well as the pregnancy? I didn't realise you were spending so much time on the road. Go home and put your feet up!!!

  2. Have no fears little mum-to-be. You will not be rolling out 2m x 2m of sugar paste to weigh down your little one while precariously balanced on a confectionery cradle. You will choose something much more structurally sound and have your choice of that ever-growing pile of baby quilts and afghans to snuggle your teeny one in. All of that and the cosy crook of your arms will make sure real baby avoids needing being stowed away for another day!

    It can be hard to give up the fun stuff but right now you could use a rest - so be kind to yourself.


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