I can hardly believe it's October already! September just seemed to fly by, not least because of my new job, and while I love all the wonderful things about October - the changing of the seasons, autumnal foliage, and the welcome opportunity to bake apple and pumpkin pies - I'm feeling slightly anxious about the passage of time. You see, the beginning of October means I've only got three short months left until Baby H arrives, and none of my baby-related projects are finished yet! Eeek!! Now is the perfect time, therefore, to follow the lead of many a fellow blogger and offer both an account of what I've accomplished in September and a projection of what I'd like to do in October. I'm trying this out through the Fresh Sewing Day on Lily's Quilts (hope I've done everything correctly!); I'm also linking up to the Small Blog Meet in the hopes of learning more about other great blogs and maybe attracting a few more readers to my blog as well!

In truth, the only accomplished project I can claim for September is the cutting, packaging, and mailing of my charms for the Japanese Charm Swap...

But, I've had other various bits and pieces on the go (and did I mention my new job?!), which I hope to finish this month. In particular, I'd like to finish my charm square baby quilt, which I finally managed to FMQ this weekend. At least, I got about halfway through before I ran out of thread... typical! I'm very nearly there though!

And, at our Bee Blessed gathering this coming Saturday, I'd like to make further progress with quilting and finishing this lovely vision in aqua and yellow...

Finally, I have a few little things I hope to make for the nursery, including a couple of throw pillows that'll match my charm square baby quilt and make the as-yet-unbought nursery rocking chair that bit more comfortable. 

You can see that I'm trying not to be too ambitious here. We'll see how I get on come November!!

xx Tina


  1. Gonna hold you to it. Baby H needs that gorgeous quilt! See you Saturday!

  2. I think cutting is more work than anything! Love the quilts :o) The baby will certainly enjoy it!

  3. When you are juggling projects they all seem half done and then they all seem to come to an end together. You are just in the middle bit at the moment! Di x

  4. Thanks for the visit! The apples you sent off to your swap are simply darling! Good luck finishing your two quilt tops...I'm notorious for running out of thread:). We should start a club.

  5. Loving the new blog parameters!! Jxo

  6. Love the Charm Baby Quilt. You've been more busy than I have. I seem to have lost my mojo at the moment, work and family life have taken over a bit. Anyway, well done. It was good to see you yesterday and baby bump getting bigger. Take it easy and enjoy these precious last few months before Baby H arrives.


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