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Here's that promised roundup of highlights from Christmas (which now seems about a millenia ago!)

Clockwise from left: 

1. A special tied birthday quilt made for baby G by my patchwork pal, Mrs. L. Amazing, right? It's completely hand sewn except for the binding and features the cutest little fussy cut sock monkey fabric. The picture doesn't do justice to it all, because the weather here seems to have just one setting at the moment: grey, overcast, and wet. Trust me, though, it's a gorgeous, cuddly quilt with lots of visual and tactile interest for a 1-year old! 

2. Two 'scrumptious' Moda charm packs I picked up on my travels in NH for next to nothing (or so it seemed when compared to the prices I pay here in Ireland and Northern Ireland). At least one of these is destined for a baby quilt for friends who have just announced they're expecting their first. Fun!

3. Baby G's first birthday cake! I made red velvet, and, inspired by Pinterest, had intended to use the multi-coloured sprinkles to form a number 1 on the top of the cake. Sadly, I had a pinterest fail, and the sprinkles refused to stick on the frosting in the required shape. So, I just threw the sprinkles on in a random fashion and topped it all with a big number 1 candle, which G really enjoyed blowing out. 

4. A fun fabric book telling the tale of 5 injury-prone funky (sock) monkeys. ('5 funky monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and hit his head...') This was also made by Mrs. L with panels that match the sock monkey fabric in the quilt. 

5. More fabric purchases and a gift! The fat quarter on the top came to me (from the ever generous Mrs. L) all the way from Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Gotta love some of the city names in PA! I thought it might be a Civil War reproduction fabric and toyed briefly with doing an American Civil War quilt, but, after leafing through a load of books and only finding one or two other reproduction fabrics on my shopping expedition, I ended up just picking up a few, non-Civil War but no less lovely, coordinating fat quarters. I think these would make great cushion covers, not least because the couches in our rental house are a chocolate-y brown leather. 

6. Birthday cupcakes! I actually think this red velvet recipe makes better cupcakes than full-sized cakes. Yum!

One item not pictured here but definitely worth a mention is hubby's Christmas gift to me: a Sizzix Big Shot! You can just imagine how excited I was to get that! I haven't had much time to play with it yet, but I'm so excited to get stuck into my scrap box and stamp out a few hundred 2 inch squares for a scrap vomit quilt à la Katy at I'm a Ginger Monkey

Happy holidays, indeed!

xx Tina


  1. Ah, another soon to be sizzix addict! Enjoy! Jxo

  2. My hubby gave me the same present! That cake looks yummy. Di x

  3. Some very sweet eye candy in the pics! Have fun with your sizzix!

  4. I'm so impressed by all your work hun xx Kristin


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