At the risk of confirming a cliche about American tastes, I admit that I LOVE peanut butter. I eat it almost every day and think just about anything can be improved with a dollop of it - toast, baked goods, smoothies, fruit slices. Ants on a log anybody? Or how about a fluffernutter sandwich? Nom, nom, nom!

Not sharing my fondness for peanut butter, hubby naturally thinks my obsession with the stuff a bit odd. He certainly wouldn't be too impressed by the suggestion of PB&Js for lunch. He did manage, however, to choke down one or two of these cupcakes the other day. 

Chocolate sponge with peanut butter frosting and peanut butter chips! I followed this recipe from Bakerella, though I simplified things a bit. They were only gorgeous! 

In hindsight, I wished I'd made a little bit of chocolate frosting to swirl in with the peanut butter frosting, as in Bakerella's original recipe. It would've cut through the intense peanut butter-iness of the frosting and complemented the fantastically moist chocolate sponge. (One friend asked, 'Are you sure these are cupcakes? They're usually so dry, but these are soooooo moist!') As it was though, I already had about half of the peanut butter frosting left over. (I see more cupcakes in my very near future!) Next time, I'll probably make a half recipe of each of the two frostings. 

I was a little nervous about these, knowing that most people on this side of the Atlantic don't appropriately appreciate peanut butter, but the guests for whom I'd made them were unanimous in their praise. They said they tasted like Snickers bars or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and that can only be good, right?!

xx Tina


  1. BIG PB fans in this house, especially crunchy PB! These look mouth watering! And PB chips? What a cool idea! Jxo

  2. I'm with you Tina, peanut butter is the business! Your cupcakes look divine, however at this time in the morning they are not helping with my dieting resolve! I'm really enjoying catching up with all your foodie posts- can't think of 2 better subjects for a blog!


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