A picture-less post

I don't have a picture to show you today, but I do want to share a couple of links, which, when followed, will more than make up for this post's lack of visual stimulation! You see, I forgot to mention yesterday that this past Saturday was our final Bee Blessed meeting of 2012. Fueled by some warm mince pies topped with dollops of seriously strong brandy butter, and festive mulled punch (thankfully non-alcoholic, or else we would've all had to stay over night to sober up!), we managed to work our way through an impressive amount of cutting, piecing, sewing, and quilting. You can check out photos of what we got up to over on Judith's blog. I quilted the fantastic blue antique tiles quilt, and there's also a lovely pic of the finished rail fence quilt I mentioned a while ago. 

We're taking a break now for Christmas but are back together again come 5 January. Obviously, I'm not sure if I'll be making that first meeting of 2013, but I'm looking forward to introducing Baby H to my Bee Blessed friends and getting to work moulding another generation of patchworkers! 

In the meantime, though, I'm trying to relax (see yesterday's post) and am now cosily bundled up on the couch catching up with some blog-reading. Naturally, Sarah's giveaway to celebrate her second blogiversary has caught my eye, and I'm seriously coveting the amazing Liberty Cotton FQs with which she's so graciously parting! If I could raise my hand and wave it around wildly whilst jumping up and down in my seat and squealing 'Pick me, pick me!' like an eager school kid with the right answer, I would! 



  1. LOL! I'd love to pick everybody and those fabrics are seriously nice, i promise. Thanks for sharing the link.

    We can't wait to meet Baby H too - since cutting and basting are probably just a little advanced right away, we might just have to make do with teaching Baby H to cuddle and smile!


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