The lady's not for turning!

For the past couple of months, Baby H has positioned herself like a little Buddha across my stomach, with her head cradled by (read: jammed into) my lower left ribs and her backside down in my right hip. Until fairly recently, it hasn't really been an issue, and the consultant has seemed pretty willing just to let nature take its course and hope baby flips of her own accord. I've tried to help things along, of course, following a few suggestions from the midwife - I've crawled around on the floor on all fours for longer than I care to remember, bounced like a madwoman on my exercise ball at all times of the day and night, and lain with my hips elevated above my heart whilst watching tv (no mean feat, that). But, baby seems well and truly comfortable exactly where she is. As hubby cleverly quipped, 'The lady's not for turning'

Since baby is so stubbornly refusing to turn, and since we're already halfway through week 36, we've been scheduled for the ECV (external cephalic version) clinic on Thursday morning. Basically, this is just a fancy way of saying the doctor's going to try to coax the baby into the proper, heads down position. Apparently, there's a 60% chance that baby will cooperate. Hooray! There's also a 1-2% chance that the procedure will distress baby and necessitate an emergency c-section. Rational, reasonable-minded individuals that we are, hubby and I have fixated on this last statistic and convinced ourselves that Baby H will be making a much earlier than anticipated entrance into the world! Time will tell.

In the meantime, though, I've forged ahead with my various crafty bits and pieces. At last week's Christmas Projects class with Judith, we started on our array of brooches, using a variety of techniques, including machine applique and FMQ. While I left the two and a half hour class with just one brooch completed and another begun, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to make a few more brooches. Here are the two I've managed to complete so far.

Terrible night-time photo... Sorry!
They're not exactly masterpieces - the applique and FMQ definitely needs a bit of work - but I'm sure practice makes perfect! As I'm sure is the case when cutting/ripping FQs from vintage sheets and duvets... I had my first experience of this the other day getting my pile of FQs ready for the  UK and Ireland Vintage Sheet FQ Swap (my second swap ever!) organised by the lovely Mary. I blame baby brain, obviously! 

Another very poor photo... oops!
The details of the swap are easy - if you send in 10 FQs, you get another 10, chosen from the selection of FQs sent in by the other participants, back. That means I'll get a nice variety of vintage sheet FQs to add to my stash for an eventual vintage sheet quilt (like this fab one Judith made). Yippee!



  1. Well I do hope that baby H is turned and the 'turning' is successful. Di x

  2. Talking as a woman who made two babies who never went near the exit - they come how they come and thank goodness for modern medicine. Best of luck!

  3. I hope baby H doesn't continue with that stubborn streak after she's born!!! Hope all goes well tomorrow. Your fqs are gorgeous! Don't forget to label each one. Hope to see you Friday! Jxo

  4. All the very best for tomorrow T! Hope it all goes well.

  5. I didn't realize that vintage sheets were so collectible until reading your blog. One of the sheets in your picture was on my bed during my college years! Best wishes for tomorrow.


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