'Twas the day after Christmas

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. In fact, hubby and I are tucked up cosily on the couch, recovering from yesterday's excesses and anticipating D(elivery)-day tomorrow. Who knows when I might have a chance to post again, so I wanted to share a few festive photos before wishing you all the very best for 2013 and signing off for a little while.

First off, my Christmas cake went down a real treat yesterday! I was concerned that it would be dry in the middle, but it was perfectly moist all the way through! Despite the dark exterior, the crumb was surprisingly light, both in colour and texture, and the marzipan and icing were just thin enough to add a little almond-y sweetness at the end without overpowering the cake itself. Yum! We cut slivers of cake to have with coffee right after Christmas lunch, even though we were all stuffed to the gills, and after a much-needed brisk walk, managed a bit more. I mustn't have been the only one to sneak several more fingers through the afternoon and evening, because we managed to eat about half the cake!

Much as we tried to polish the whole thing off, though, there's still a sizeable chunk of cake left (even after packaging a large slice for family in Wicklow), and it's sitting in the kitchen as I write, waiting for postnatal callers (if it lasts that long!). And, speaking of babies, here are some proper pics of the 'Surf's Up' baby quilt I mentioned recently. I think the parents-to-be are pretty pleased with it...

The floral print on the bottom left and right is the quilt back.

See you on the other side! 



  1. Oh Tina, your cake looks delicious.
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    Can't wait for you and baby H to visit B.B.

  2. The cake looks as if it is a hit judging from the small amount left! I hope that all goes well tomorrow and I will be thinking of you. Di x

  3. So glad you've had a lovely day. All the very best for tomorrow. Will be praying for you all! Jxo

  4. Amazing that I am writing comments on this post and you are busy baby producing. Hope all goes well and can't wait to hear the happy boy/girl news!

  5. Love your Surf's up quilt, but it will never top your newest creation!

  6. Good luck for the journey for new arrival/creation! Cake looks great! X


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