A meeting of minds

Since my last post, I've managed to make this:

This picture doesn't capture the colours, but I was having fun messing around on picmonkey!

One measly little lavendar sachet, featuring another log cabin, this one inspired by last month's scrap buster quarter log cabin block for Bee Blessed. (I say inspired because, of course, I didn't have a chance to make any of those said Bee Blessed blocks). When did I have the opportunity to get this little project finished, I hear you ask? Well, I got myself a babysitter last week and headed out to a weekly sewing night hosted by the Mid-Western Branch of the Irish Patchwork Society. You see, one of the first people I met when I moved here is the new branch chairperson. Naturally, she invited me along to the next branch meeting, which happened to be the following week. I was a little bit hesitant at first, not knowing what to expect, but, keen to meet some like-minded folk and get a night out of the house, I went along. I had a great time chatting with fellow patchworkers, most much more experienced than I, and marveling over the show-and-tell items they'd brought in. But, the real draw, I have to admit, was the weekly sewing night for members... a chance to get out of the house, have organized time and space for sewing, and socialize with other patchworkers? Count me in! I spent most of last week's meeting admiring what the other ladies were making and wishing I had made a start on some Christmas crafts over the summer. At my rate of project completion, however, I might as well start on next Christmas!

But, while I've obviously missed the boat for this Christmas when it comes to homemade gifts and festive home decorations, I *have* managed to make two large Christmas puddings, which are now maturing in my cupboard. As with last year's Christmas cake, these puds were a first for me, but hubby specifically requested them. So, after a bit of research, I got to work... pictures (and recipe) to follow, assuming both that the puddings come out of their basins and that they taste nice!

xx Tina


  1. So good you are finding other quilters to hang out with, and a cute lavender bag.

  2. How lovely to be making sewing connections and have a weekly night out!

  3. Yay for finding fellow sewists and making a social life. Di x

  4. Cute wee bag T! Glad you have found some creative minds to be with during the week. Jxo

  5. Happy Days---you are back in the "quilting frame of mind" ! I LOVE checking in now and then with your blog-and happy turkey day
    xo Mrs L


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