That smells nice!

There's a fabulous weekend market here in Limerick, the Milk Market. It's much like St. George's Market in Belfast or the English Market in Cork - lots of local and artisan cheesemongers, bakers, chocolatiers, butchers, and other specialty food stalls sitting alongside textile traders selling beautiful buttons, handmade quilts, and bright knitted hats and mittens. Hubby, baby G, and I have made it a bit of a habit to wander down there late on a Saturday morning to pick up lunch and indulge in a bit of people watching in the upstairs seating area. 

While we were there a couple of weeks ago, I bought a big bag of locally grown lavender, with the idea that I'd make a few lavender sachets to freshen up the various closets and chests of drawers in the house. (One of the things I hate about moving into a new rental house is the stale, unfamiliar smell. It's pretty much gone at this stage, but a few lavender sachets are always welcome.)

Typically, I didn't have time to do anything with the lavender until this afternoon, when baby G was taking a nap and hubby very graciously set about some chores. I didn't really have a plan in mind, but I knew I wanted to use scraps from my overflowing scrap bucket. So, I cut one 2.5 inch square to start things off and ended up with a fairly straightforward, if slightly wonky, log cabin block. I trimmed it down to a 4.5 inch square, backed it with a bit of one of my favourite vintage sheets (which you'll recognise from this slouch bag), and stuffed it loosely with lavender. It smells amazing, and it looks almost as nice as it smells (if I do say so myself!). 

Next up: a couple more sachets like this as well as a few with ribbons attached for hanging in closets. I saw some very cute heart-shaped sachets in the market today and want to re-create them. 

xx Tina


  1. Love these Tina.. Just love lavender! How r u getting on??

  2. Very sweet and such a pretty way to make the house smell more like home!

  3. Lovely. I must make some for myself.


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