A photo from afar

My brother-in-law in Zimbabwe sent me a lovely photo today of a baby quilt I'd made ages ago and given to him and his wife the last time they were here for a visit. They've got a gorgeous baby girl and another on the way, and it seems as if my quilt is going to be put to good use!

I just love how it looks with the flowers scattered all around it and the tambourine and wooden Noah's Ark strewn across it! It certainly seems as if it's being used and loved, which makes me very, very happy (and also a teensy-tinsy bit proud!) The pattern I used was this one from Moda Bake Shop, and, while you probably can't see it from the photo, this was the first and only quilt I tried FMQ on. I wasn't super happy with the results - too widely spaced and a bit lumpy for my liking - but from this angle, the quilt looks great (if I do say so myself!)

xx Tina


  1. Your quilt looks great in use. I'm a big believer in quilts being used and know what a thrill it gives me to see one of my quilts being used and loved. I did worry at first that using them might ruin them, but if they get a bit over-used, isn't that always an excuse to make a replacement?

  2. Beautiful, and looks like it's being well loved! Jxo

  3. this quilt is gorgeous too and as you say I love the way it's being used ;-)
    Also really Love the wooden Noah's ark


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