Cake School - Week 2

This week in Cake School, we learned how to make sugar roses.... a time-consuming but surprisingly straightforward affair! It's really just a question of strategic layering of thinly rolled sugar paste pieces, so you start off with just two little petals folded around an inner core of paste and go from there.

Slightly fiddly, yes, but as with last week's simpler five-petal flowers, practice makes perfect! In the two hours of class time last night, I managed to make one 'starter' rose bud with just two petals, two medium sized roses each with two layers of petals, and one fully blooming rose. Not nearly a bouquet, but I'm getting there!

Next week, we're going to add leaves and other greenery to finish the roses off. Looking forward to it!

xx Tina


  1. Oh wow! That is advanced Cake School. Di x

  2. These are gorgeous T! So delicate! Jxo

  3. That's so pretty! Looking forward to seeing your sugary arrangement grow.


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