Cake School - Week 3

This week at Cake School, we learned how to make calices (singular: calyx) - the little green leaves from which the rose bud .... well ... buds... - and leaves of various sizes. Adding calices to my roses from last week certainly resulted in more life-like, botanically correct flowers...

I can't wait to see what they look like with the leaves added to them! The leaves were fun to make, if a little bit tedious. I especially liked pressing them in the 'veiner', which looked and felt like a dentist's mould of some sort and added all the necessary life-like character to each leaf. 

Our homework is to complete five sets of leaves consisting of one large and two small leaves and to wrap the stems of all of our leaves and roses in green floral tape. I'm also aiming to make a few more full blown roses and another few four-petal flowers to replace the ones that broke after class the first night. After that, I feel sure I'll be ready to accept commissions for ornate, flower bedecked cakes.... (having spent a small fortune on all the supplies, such commissions will be a necessity!) 

xx Tina

P.S. You might notice that my blog looks a little bit different today. That's because I've shifted the layout a bit - with instructions from the ever knowledgeable Judith - in order to provide more space for bigger photos. I think (hope!) this will add to the blog's visual appeal, but definitely let me know what you think!


  1. The blog looks good. The cake decorations even better. Looks like you really have the hang of it!

  2. I love the bigger pics. They really make all the difference. Your calices are beautiful - adding to my vocab every day! Can't wait to see the progress of your bouquet.


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