A quick recap

This weekend was a fantastic one full of fun and relaxation - a perfect birthday weekend and a great way to unwind after the work craziness of last week! Saturday afternoon, I went to Bee Blessed, and it was just so nice to catch up with everyone after such a long break! (I can't remember the last time I was able to go, but it was at the very start of my pregnancy, so nearly 5 months ago!) What's more, it was amazing to see just how much we had on the go... Judith has a great summary of everything we're working on at the moment, and Ruth also posted a few photos of the quilt she's finishing up for gifting in the next little while. It's lovely to see so much getting done and to know that all of the projects will soon be going to new homes, where, hopefully, they'll bless and encourage their recipients!

After Bee Blessed, I was treated to dinner at the local Indian restaurant (Bengal Brasserie, for the curious) with several friends and my lovely hubby, who managed to organise everything at the last minute after I was too busy to offer any suggestions or ideas and, consequently, ended up feeling a bit blue that I'd planned nothing. He even arranged for a huge slab of chocolate cake to be brought over at the end of the meal as everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' - the first time someone's done that for me, believe it or not! I was thrilled! Best of all, though, was just spending time with friends, including my lovely London visitor, who I haven't seen in months.

On Sunday, the fun continued as hubby, friend and I headed to George's Market for a bit of lunch, blues, and browsing. 

(photo from Wikimedia Commons - I forgot to take pics myself!)
We ate falafel and savoury pancakes, drank smoothies, sampled all the lovely cheeses, chocolates, and olives on offer, and bought some goodies for dinner later, including some super fresh fish for Jamie Oliver's incredibly easy and equally delicious Fish Pie. Then we headed to Stormont for a long walk and a go on the machines in the new outdoor gym, which is a bit like this one in Camden...

The idea is that you do a circuit of the machines, all of which use your body weight to work on flexibility and strength. I think these gyms are a great idea, though I'm not sure how much I'd actually use this one. Still, the three of us had a bit of fun trying out all the machines and striking goofy poses  before exploring all of the paths around Stormont and working up an appetite for dinner, which consisted of the aforementioned fish pie and some fantastic looking chocolate orange mousse with raspberries whipped up by our visitor. (I say 'fantastic looking' because, sadly, we only realised after it was made that I couldn't have any as it contained raw egg. Hubby very gladly ate mine for me while I rather glumly nibbled at some plain chocolate!)

It's back to work now, but I'm already looking forward to the weekend! I don't think it's going to be as action-packed as the past weekend, but we're making sugar roses in Cake School on Thursday, it's Culture Night on Friday, and I'm hoping to squeeze in some extended FMQ practice, so it'll be busy enough!

xx Tina 


  1. Looks like your birthday weekend was brilliant and you were spoilt. George's Market is fun to browse around. Culture Night looks fab. Di x

  2. Jamie's fish pie is one of my favs! Didn't realise it was your birthday at the w/e or we could have sang to you at BB! So glad you had a lovely w/e getting spoiled! Jxo

  3. Whew! You'll have needed a lie down after all that!


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