I've hit the mother lode!

I spent this morning in a quilter's paradise! Remember that friend I mentioned, for whose son and daughter-in-law I made the Double Irish Chains quilt? Well, she (Mrs. L.), my mom, and I whiled away a couple of blissful hours in The Quilt Patch, an amazing little shop that looks deceptively small from outside but which actually houses an amazing selection of brightly coloured cottons, baby fleeces, quilt kits, charm squares, jelly rolls, and pretty much any quilting tool you can imagine. Mrs. L. is currently working on a wedding present for a young lady getting married in October with a Halloween-themed wedding! The quilt Mrs. L. is planning is, appropriately, black and white, and we found some amazing spider-web print black cotton for the backing as well as a couple of lovely ash grey and marbled black fabrics for borders. For my part, I picked up a few fat quarters in colours to match my earlier purchases, another few in white to add to my hexie quilt, and a lovely, soft print fleece for the back of the same quilt these red, green, blue and yellow fat quarters are destined for. We left the store having almost convinced my mom, an avid knitter and crocheter who swears she doesn't have time to quilt, to give it a go! We'll have her quilting yet!

Sadly, these weren't $1, but they were still pretty cheap!

Baby's going to love this fleece - it's soooo soft!
Perhaps the best part of the morning, however, was when Mrs. L. invited me to pick through her fabric stash and take a few things home with me. *Squeal* Everything was just so beautiful, I could hardly make up my mind, but I ended up picking out a few coordinating pink and pink print materials that might find their way into a third baby quilt! (Babies can never have enough blankets, right?!)

I also took home a few more squares of white fabric for my hexies and a cute little tissue paper pattern for a snowman wall hanging for Christmas. (I haven't read the instructions through yet, but it sounds like a paper piecing project, with itsy, bitsy pieces.) 

Now, to get it all across the Atlantic.... 

xx Tina


  1. What a cute shop! And gorgeous fabrics too T! Hope you have a safe trip home! Jxo

  2. Great haul! Hope you don't have excess luggage to pay for!

  3. Hope you have a big suitcase! When is the baby due? Because you have lots of sewing to do.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics .. Ur right baby's need lots of blankets!! Can't wait to meet u.. Sound like we' ll have lots to talk about.. Sewing, baking and babies! X


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