Lovely Charm Squares

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, mainly because things are crazy at work. I'm in the process of changing positions at the moment, so my days seem to pass in a haze of phone calls to various HR individuals, countless emails dealing with logistics, and a panicked flurry to tie up loose ends at the old job before moving on to the new. Just as well I had some fantastic blogging/patchworking events to look forward to this week! Monday morning I was invited along to my first blogging event ever, and boy was I delighted! The lovely Judith organized it all, and Fiona kindly hosted us (despite just having had surgery!) There were only five of us altogether (including one non-blogging daughter), as several other Northern Ireland based bloggers couldn't make it, but it was lovely to meet a few of the bloggers I've been following and put faces to names. As ever these days, I had my hexies to hand, so I worked away on those while we chatted about ourselves and our projects, ate delicious carrot cake and showed off some of our recent projects. It was fantastic! I'm already looking forward to the next NI bloggers' get together!

Yesterday, I continued my patchworking socializing by heading down to Common Threads, a kind of craft night held in Common Grounds Cafe most Tuesday evenings. Basically, it's a time and space for knitters, crocheters, and sewers to gather together, drink some coffee, eat some goodies, work on their projects, and catch up with each other. I haven't been in ages due to one thing or another, so it was great to get back! While I was there, I managed to cut up the fabric for baby quilt #2, the non-hexie quilt I'm planning for Baby H. Originally, I thought I'd like a complex, geometric design, but ultimately I opted to go with a simple charm square pattern, so I cut 64 5-inch squares from my various fabrics and laid them out in rows of eight. 

All my lovely charm squares (with a few handy paper hexies for labels!)

I plan to make a couple of different borders from the leftover fabric to frame the charms, and I'll finish it with the lovely baby fleece I got back in New Hampshire. Then, if I've time (and the inclination!) I might make a couple of matching cushion covers to use on the vintage rocking chair I'm hoping to get for the baby's room. Hubby's been monitoring Gumtree regularly to find just the right one!

I'm still playing with the layout... and wondering about sashing...
The photo doesn't do justice to the individual fabrics, but I'm really happy with these lovely charm squares and can't wait to get sewing!

xx Tina


  1. How nice that you are getting real life friends from online friends. It makes all the difference to have people you can share your crafting with.

  2. I'm kicking myself for not taking any pics of Monday! Love your charm squares T! Jxo

  3. Can't believe you have already cut the squares and started on the Baby H. quilt. Looks great!


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