An apple a day

I haven't blogged, baked, quilted or done anything of note really for the past few days except work. My new job starts next week, and I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by just how much needs to be done both to tie things up at my old job and get things started at the new one. A tiny bit scary and stressful, but also, admittedly, a little bit fun and exciting, too! Somehow, in the midst of all this work craziness, though, I managed to make a little purchase....

One metre of Kokka 'A is for Apples' fabric for the Japanese Charm Swap I joined a couple of weeks ago. I bought it from the fantastic Celtic Fusions Fabrics after protracted deliberations and increasing anxiety that I might lose out in the fabric purchases stakes. For the uninitiated, the swap involves each person posting a picture of the fabric they've purchased, thereby indicating to everyone else that that particular fabric is now off limits. Some people were very quick off the mark, I'll tell you, so while I was still gleefully window shopping as it were, others were snapping up the fabrics I had in mind. The horror! There was, of course, no need for alarm, considering the sheer variety of Japanese import fabrics available, but I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when I finally bought my metre of appl-y goodness this morning and posted my photo for all to see. I can't wait actually to receive my fabric now and get cutting!

xx Tina

P.S. I've obviously got an apple theme going on this week! Maybe I'm subconsciously preparing for autumn!?


  1. Love the fabric! Can't wait to hear all bout your new job when we next meet at Bee Blessed.

  2. Love the apples. Can't wait to get my little bit of it.

  3. Gorgeous fabric T! I hope you have a really positive start to your new job! Jxo


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