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This afternoon I got home from church and went straight to work on my charm square quilt. Hubby was away, so I had the whole house to myself and nothing specific to get done except some sewing. A couple of hours later, and my charm square baby quilt is pretty much ready to go!

I changed the layout a bit, re-arranging the squares so I'd get a diagonal line of each colour - a pattern that seemed to work better than the completely random arrangement I'd tried out earlier. Then, I added a narrow border in red Kona, et voilá, my quilt top was finished. I sandwiched it together with its fleece backing and wadding using spray basting and made all of the leftover bits and pieces of fabric into binding. 

The only thing left to be done on this quilt is the actual quilting. I think this might be the time to have a go at Free Machine Quilting, but I'm feeling anxious at the very idea! Still, it's quite a small quilt, so it shouldn't be too much of an ordeal, right?! Any tips or suggestions?

xx Tina


  1. It is a lovely quilt. As a novice at FMQ the only advice I can give is practice first. It is a bit like riding a bike but I have never quite mastered the hand/speed coordination. Di x

  2. Lovely. Practise, practise, practise. Sometimes marigold rubber gloves can help too! Jxo

  3. Go for it. The only way to learn is by doing it.

  4. I reckon just go for it!! Xx

  5. Great little charm quilt - hope you have fun with the fmq!


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