Hexie Progress

Well, I've been away in Montreal for the past week or so with work, sweltering in the record-breaking heat and humidity! Despite my enthusiasm about all such weather here in North America, even I found myself a tad bit cranky, especially after four nights in un-airconditioned student accommodation in the atmospheric but suffocating Grey Nuns Residence at Concordia University. I don't know how the nuns ever survived summer in this place, but, if their name is anything to go by (the term 'les soeurs grises' in French means both 'grey nuns' and 'drunken nuns'), alcohol might have played a key role. Then again, as one Montrealer informed me, this is the hottest, most humid summer they've experienced in 800 years!

Anyway, as you might imagine, I was delighted to get back to New Hampshire and my parents' air-conditioned house for a last couple of days of family time before heading back to Ireland. That's where, on Sunday afternoon, I sat practically on top of the air vents, with a tall glass of ice water at my side, and the Olympics on tv, working on my hexies. What scraps of white and cream material I've got in my stash have now been turned into a pile of hexies to connect the 'flowers' together. 

Basted with bright purple thread
And, things are starting to come together, slowly but surely. I'm a little bit anxious that this quilt project might be over-ambitious, but I'm hoping that if I work on it steadily over the next couple of months, it'll be ready in time for its intended recipient's arrival into the world. Fingers crossed!!

My top row. Only about a million more hexies to go!
Sadly, I'm just missing the Lowell Quilt Festival 2012, which is happening a few days after I leave, but I'm planning one last sneaky fabric expedition to a cute little shop called The Quilt Patch in nearby Bedford, NH before I fly on Tuesday evening. It comes highly recommended by a quilting friend, who says they've been selling fat quarters for $1 recently. Count me in!!

xx Tina


  1. Oh hell, read the last paragraph too late to beg for $1 FQs!!!! Hope that you have had a terrific time and the flight home is good.

  2. $1 fat quarters is a definite! Go girl! Gorgeous hexies! Jxo

  3. Beautiful hexie flowers. Happy bargain hunting too!


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